Canonization proceedings


Jesus, Good shepherd,
we thank You for your servants Wenceslas and John.
They faithfully performed their priestly service
to which You called them.
They sought Your Will and let it lead them.
Persecuted, tortured, and sentenced to death,
they kept loyal to Your Church and Its shepherds.
They held on in faith and hope to the very end, in Your endless mercy.

We pray to You Who teaches us to love our enemies:
Give us the same Spirit through Which you gave strength
to Your servants Wenceslas and John,
so that we are always strong in faith,
steadfast in hope and perfect in love.
By the intercession of Virgin Mary, Queen of Martyrs,
grant the grace of an early beatification of Thy servants Wenceslas and John,
so that we have, through their intercession, a share in Your Promises.

For You live and reign for ever and ever. Amen.

Glory Be

With religious approval of the Brno diocese,
reference number Ep 1118/11 from 24 Nov. 2011

(For private use only)


You know that the path I trod was not easy; that it was rather filled with hawthorns.Jan Bula